Lauantaina 19.4. LASERPOINT emoción @ KAAPELITEHDAS

From: Lauri Halonen (
Date: Wed 16 Apr 2008 - 03:36:07 EEST


Saturday 19th of April 2008. Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Tickets 29eur + bf / door price 35 eur. More information

So it means this saturday. Yes.

We've come quite a long way from the roots of Laserpoint. Some of you might remember it as an annual "Wanha" event, but hey - it's a bit more nowdays.

Biggest lasershow ever seen in Northern Europe (all the legal lasers we can find around the area), pyrotechnics by the allmighty PyromanFX (yes, the one behind Eurovision 2007/2008), cabaré dancers alá Nexus Extreme, visuals by BVJ with unseen effects made by thermal cam and live video, Säde posse 10th anniversary celebration @ Puristamo, never-seen-before drum'n'bass showdown by Muffler & Nuance with four decks, Orkidea's last live performance before his long-term gig break, and well, you could say quite a bunch of things you didn't imagine to be seen.

We have already now, at the present time, sold more tickets to the event than we did last year and there's several days left. It is already obvious that it will be the biggest one-day-one-off-rave-event after the golden year of 2000.

It will be mad, it will be hectic, it will be hedonistic, it will be hot, it will be everything we always wanted it to be. There's nothing more we can say or do.

So, hey. This is it.