X-Rust Presents: HORNY PARADISE w/ MANASYt Live 12.04.2008 @Place X, Turku

From: Kalle Karvanen (kalle.karvanen_at_pp.inet.fi)
Date: Thu 13 Mar 2008 - 22:44:29 EET

X-Rust presents: HORNY PARADISE

General Info:

Venue: Somewhere in Turku. Ask your local underground hero Date: 12.04.2008
Time: 23-
Tickets: 6€


MANASYt *LIVE* (Bunker, Kommando 6, MNX, Touchin' Bass, ITALY) TONI AALTO (Hytky, Hki)
IPE (X-Rust, Tku)
DJ BURDOCK (Butane, X-Rust, Tku)
NITRO (X-Rust, Tku)

Visuals by: TURU SANOMA

MANASYt biography:

MANASYt hails from the twilight zone - post communist Bulgaria. Growing up with Swans, Voivod, Godflesh and singing in hardcore/metal outfits has a big influence on his current sound.

In 1998 he moves to USA and totally gets into electronic music. In 2002 starts making his own brand neuro illektro, slowly forming his unique sound. First gets recognized in 2003 by respected german label Kommando 6 releasing the first EP. Numerous releases follow on Touchin'Bass (UK), Roulette Rekordz (Belgium), Karma Ketchup (France). At this time MANASYt resides in Detroit.

After appearing on Dave Clarke's "World Service 2" and Andrea Parker's "Nobody's Perfect", MANASYt moves back to Europe in 2005. Until now he has released on more than 15 labels worldwide including Bunker, MNX, Terminal Dusk and Robodust.

The sound : some of his tunes resemble a future horror movie soundtrack, others a visit to a mental clinic but most sound like what exactly hostile aliens would listen to while attacking Earth.

www.manasyt.com | www.myspace.com/manasyt | www.x-rust.org | www.myspace.com/xrust