SUN 16h MINI FESTIVAL 2007 - Sunday 29.07.2007 @ DTM

From: Tapio Hakanen (
Date: Thu 26 Jul 2007 - 12:37:35 EEST

  S U N 1 6 H M I N I F E S T I V A L 2 0 0 7

  "It's totally spaced out..."

    Live on stage:
    feat Cristal Snow, Heikki L, JS16

    Orkidea (Unity)
    Mr.A (Danceteria)
    Lil’ Tony (Redrum)
    Eliot Ness (House Nation)
    Super8 vs Tab (Hallmark)
    Unity Collective (Unity)
    Alimo (Beats & Styles)
    DJ Slow (Slow Music)
    N. Geselle (Sipoo)
    Milla Lehto (Pussy)
    Indigo (Sininen)
    Tomi K (Ihana)
    Kimik (Pussy)

  Traditionally extravagant summer fiesta is back at DTM!   16 hours or pure hedonism. Starting off mellow with   chilling at cafe, heating up 20:00 at 2nd floor’s foam   party and kicking off big time at 22:00 in main room.

  This is what summer sundays are made for!

  Sunday 29.07.2007 12:00 – 04:00 at DTM - Age limit 18 years   Free entry before 18:00 - Tickets 8 euros (+2€ cloak room)   SUN – Summer sunday craziness since 1998


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