TURBO 5000 30.3.2007

From: Jarno Eerola (jarno.eerola_at_shadylick.com)
Date: Tue 27 Mar 2007 - 11:14:15 EEST

Perjantai 30.3.2007, 22 - 04, K24, 6/8€ @ Ahjo / Helsinki

AGENT (Livelarge, Fassade, Germany),
OHRSTEN R. PLAY (Puzzle Trazz, Denmark), JOE LE BON Live (Resident)

AGENT (Livelarge, Fassade, Germany)

Agent’s set is dominated by enlightened electric style, besides the strict four-to-the-floor-beats. Played at Sonar, Love Parade, Nature One and clubs all over Europe. His tracks are released on Livelarge and Fassade, and upcoming co-productions with Sebbo, Pierce and Monoroom. His career progresses fast in the electronic music scene. Not remarkable when a not even 20 years old disc jockey is sounding successfully at Nature One festival for the first time...

OHRSTEN R. PLAY (Puzzle Trazz, Denmark)

Ohrsten R. Play, Dj and Producer from the Ruhr Area in Germany is making base in Denmark since 5 years and has been around electronic music for about 12 years now. After a break he started getting back into business as a DJ in Copenhagen and with his deep, groovy sound he is earning quite some credit these days. Ohrsten is the man behind the instant hit Random Play ‘Just Like That’ on Puzzle Traxx and this is just the beginning.

JOE LE BON Live (Resident)

Joe Le Bon has rapidly become as one of the highlights in Finnish techno scene. DJing since 91 and promoting several well-known Helsinki based club brands with guests like Troy Pierce, Hell, Tiga, Markus Guentner, The Field and Steve Barnes to name but few. Soon kicking of his mini tour, which takes his show to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Würzburg and Rotterdam. His studio work is starting to pay off as his first 12” singles will be released soon on a German techno label.