Puuropommi tour :: Oulu :: Sat 16th of Dec :: 45 Special

From: Jari Tolkkinen (jtolkkin_at_mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Thu 14 Dec 2006 - 10:31:10 EET

It's X-mas and Puuropommi is coming to town!

Jori Hulkkonen, DJ + Fenno-Paroni live show Tuomas Toivonen, DJ + live
DJ Harri (Sähkö / Keys of Life)
DJ Käki (Erottaja Bar Hki)

At the beginning of 2000 in tiny Redrum bar in Club Kerma Puuropommi was born. There's only two guys to blame for all of this - Harri Hännikäinen & Jori Hulkkonen. Harri H. aka ODJ Harri is also the man behind the Keys of Life label, also known as the father of UMF (uuden musiikin festivaali).

   X-mas will never be the same again!

The concept of Puuropommi is mainly to have pre-xmas fun with a smörgåsbröd buffet of music that does not only surprise you (in good or bad) but definetely never leaves anyone cold.

Tommi Grönlund (Sähkö), Tuomas Toivonen (Giant Robot), Roberto Rodriguez, T rack'n'Field, Acid Kings, DJ Dizzy (yle, nine to five), Sir Nenis (top billin, nine to five), promoter Jaakko Parkkari aka DJ Poika, DJ Tomba (hki turbo), Stupido record shop dj-team, Club Gäng DJs... Just a few names who have visited earlier Puuropommi "festivals".

Puuropommi was re-born after Jori H. moved to Turku and with the aid of Turun Säkki aka DJ Käki and Saimi from Karkkiautomaatti it was cooked up again 2005. The venue then was the infamous Blanco club.

Lots of dj action and an intimate live future-funk set by Tuomas Toivonen and to top it all off, Jori Hulkkonen under his latest alias, Fenno-Paroni live on stage. Fenno-Paroni is currently recording material for super dj Tiga's Turbo label.

Xmas really came early this year!!!!



Date: 16.12.2006
Time: 22-04
Agelimit: 19
Place: 45 Special, Saaristonkatu 12,Oulu Tickets: 5 eur, 4 eur students