Unity presents NEW YEAR'S EVE 2007 @ Botta

From: orkidea (orkidea_at_appelsiini.net)
Date: Tue 12 Dec 2006 - 00:10:34 EET

   Unity presents:

   N E W Y E A R ’ S E V E 2 0 0 7

   ”Music is coming back home...”
   31.12.2006 at Botta

   Unity is proud to present an exclusive, glamorous and memorable New    Year’s Eve event at the historical surroundings of Botta, the original

   home of modern Helsinki club culture and house music scene.

   Legendary clubs such as It, Fiesta, Club Berlin and Deep filled this    historical 1000 people capacity venue in the early 90s while today’s    household DJ names such as Elliot Ness, Jokke, Ender, Njassa and    Orkidea built their name there. And now, music is coming back home...

     Botta Main Room:
     Orkidea (Unity)
     Mr.A (Danceteria)
     Heikki L (Dallas Superstars)
     Jay Mellin (Botta classics set)

     Berlin Room:
     Jokke & Ender (Berlin classics set)
     Super8 vs DJ Tab (Hallmark)

     Groove Room:
     Njassa (Radio Helsinki)
     Borzin (Koneisto)
     Stede (Ihana)

   Event hosted by: Rami Korpi
   Champagne service from 22 until 23
   Dinner table reservations: 09-580 770    VIP room presented by Unity Collective    Visual magic, aural pleasure & sensual thrill by:    Tea & Severi, Precision Audio and Nexus Dancers

   Sunday 31.12.2006 22:00-04:00 – Botta, Helsinki, Finland    Tickets: 16€ from Street Beat. Buy early to avoid disappointments.    Dress code: Let’s celebrate, so make an effort!    Age limit: strict 24 years


   http://clubunity.org/2006/nye/front.jpg      http://clubunity.org/2006/nye/back.jpg


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