TURBO 5000 - BVoice (Moscow)

From: Jarno Eerola (jarno.eerola_at_shadylick.com)
Date: Tue 14 Nov 2006 - 10:58:17 EET

TURBO 5000 minimal techno parties

TUE 5.12.2006
JOE LE BON (RESIDENT) 22 - 04, AGE 24, TICKETS 5€ (before midnight) NIGHTCLUB AHJO HELSINKI B-Voice Bio

B-Voice started his DJ career in 1996. Since then he has conducted an active theatrical activity all over Russia and Europe including London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Riga and Vilnius. Played alongside names like David Carreta, Scissor Sisters, Tom Clark, Atomizer, Nag Nag Nag, Princess Julia, Mark Almond, Andy Fletcher, Marcel Janovsky. His mixes are played frequently in Deep Mix Moscow Radio. In 2002 established project "Midiots" [B-Voice and Feelgood] who collaborate with the German musical software company Native Instruments. Releases on German label "Treibstoff", Canadian label "Dumb Unit" and Russian label "Phlegmatek Recordings". His another project is with Killaherz now on Fragment Music. His sense of music and mixing techniques makes his DJ gigs almost like a live performance and today he is one of the hottest DJs in Russia.

AHJO, Bulevardi 2, Helsinki