B-eat-z season finale <::> Fri 12.5. <::> 45 Special <::> Oulu

From: Jari Tolkkinen (jtolkkin_at_mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Mon 08 May 2006 - 15:54:23 EEST

  B-eat-z season finale welcomes the boys of Cafe del Raum to a night of detroit based house and deep soulfull grooves. It must be springtime.

DJ Sam Lainio

Sam Lainio - Member of CdR Kollektiv has been in the music business since 1990. Techno music was just raised in the dance scene and so Sam pointed his musical interests into more underground styled music. He joined as a deejay in many techno parties in the West coast.

After a few years now Sam's interests were heading back to his musical roots. Some point in the year 2004 more raw and pumping elements started to sound better and better to him.

Techno was back! Sam started planning a new sublabel for Cafe del Raum and after few months Cobs of Raum were born. Nowadays Sam is working with both of these groups to rise them to the top of finnish club scene.

Currently residing in Helsinki where the Cafe del Raum sessions is also held in every second friday at Mbar. Sam has been playing gigs in clubs and happenings such as Sun Dance Music Festival 2002 ( Tallinna), Rose Garden (Helsinki), Koneisto 2000 (Turku), Pori Jazz (Pori), Ihana (Helsinki), and in many other happenings around Finland as well. Sam Lainio is also a member of Macadam Music, a deejay agency in Estonia.

Visit Sam's web page:

DJ Samuel

DJ Samuel got in touch with dance music in late 80^s listening to rap and hip hop. After this hip hop faze he entered into the Finnish techno scene and started his career as a DJ which happened in 1992. This old time techno deejay can be remembered from the west coast underground scene in the beginning of 1990. At that time you could often see him playing in the club Generaattori in Rauma.

At the moment Samuel is a student in the University of Helsinki. He is still true to his musical roots but he likes to play more soulful and deeper sounds of black dance music these days. He loves especially Detroit influenced house and techno. However, while Samuel is doing his sets, he always likes to keep it eclectic. So don^t be surprised if you hear in this guy^s sets everything from Acid House to Dub Reggae.

Visit CdR web page:

Warmup sounds are delivered once again by our very own dj ken-guru. Prepare yourself for funky yet tight techy house grooves. Check out his newest mix series from his website:

B-eat-z season finale

Date: 12.05.2006
Time: 22-04
Agelimit: 19
Place: 45 Special, Saaristonkatu 12
Tickets: 5 eur, 4 eur students