[ENTROPY] Entropy presents: Decompression 3.12.2005 @ UG, Helsinki

From: Entropy (info_at_entropy.fi)
Date: Sun 06 Nov 2005 - 19:19:55 EET

Entropy proudly presents:

         D E C O M P R E S S I O N

>> Saturday 3.12.2005 @ UG, Helsinki | 21.00->
>> 8 EUR | Invitation only!
>> http://www.entropy.fi/rave/decompression

Entropy returns for the fall with a blasting drum'n'bass event! One stage, one hell of a party. DJ's for the night:

RAIDEN [Offkey Recordings, UK]
RESOUND [Warm Communications]
GENKI [Exogenic Breaks]
NUANCE The invitations are out now, check with your local dealer! You can get them from Entropy members at various parties or directly from our clubroom (Kertsi) @ Jämeräntaival 3A 1 at least on Thursday evenings. If you have problems getting an invitation please contact info_at_entropy.fi.