Tapahtuma ilmoitus Punk TV live 10.11 @ Rose Garden

From: Tero Kallio (tero_at_terokallio.com)
Date: Thu 27 Oct 2005 - 23:24:13 EEST

Date: Thursday 10.11.2005
Place: Rose Garden, Iso Roba, 10
Time: 22 - 4
Ticket: 6€

Your favourite Thursday club in town proudly presents full on action by bringing some Siberian madness to town. This is hot, check out the introductions below and tune into the party. Also the main Yes Please crew is excited!

Sound of Siberia

PUNK-TV Alex Kelman (Keys, Sampler, Guitar)
Volodya Komarov (Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Harmonica, Indian pipe)
Konstantin Nikonov (Drums, Percussion).

Punk TV is one of the hottest electronic indie bands in Russia at the moment. Their first single “Snowboy” was released in 2004 by Moscow based indie label Alley P.M. and it immediately became a super track in many different radio stations and it fascinated the whole country by gaining huge popularity in underground scene.

Alex, Volodya and Konstantin are old friends who have been playing in Russia more than 10 years now. Their former projects include such names as Psychogarden, Underspace and Hot Zex.

Now they finally released they first album and their freezing electronic indie sound comes to Helsinki!

For your pleasure, we bring them exclusively to Rose Garden on Thursday 10.11.2005. For an introduction you may also listen some of their productions on Yes Please website. Go to: http://www.clubyesplease.com/

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Sound of Disco

DISKO TEKNO KOLLEKTIV Disko Tekno Kollektive is an electronic music syndicate of DJ’s and artist. This time the group will bring Sipitron, Jagu and Crash to perform as music selectors. They deliver minimalist techno, rocking disco, post punk, electro and other exceptional non mainstream music. Hot Milk!

© 2005 Disko Tekno Kollektiv [http://www.disko.fi]

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