Club Laboratorio presents Juno Reactor 7.10.

From: Erkko Lehtinen (
Date: Mon 03 Oct 2005 - 13:38:39 EEST

Club Laboratorio presents:

Friday 07.10.2005

Nosturi Helsinki

22.00 - 04.00

Main room :

Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions Co-Composer/Soundtrack. The New 7 piece line-up "

DJ Proteus
DJ Halo

PSP Lounge:

DJ Soma and DJ Kris Kylven



25eur in advance, incl. booking fee


Lippupalvelu (, tel. 0600 10 800(1,3euro/min+pvm) tai 0600 10 020(4,93euro/puhelu+pvm))

Tiketti (, 0600 11616 (0,66eur/min+pvm))

Streetbeat (tel. 09 632 630)

ValoVerstas (tel. 09 727 90041)

28eur at the door

JUNO REACTOR Juno Reactor is best known as a pioneering talent in psychedelic trance, and a thrilling live act which pushes the limits of electronic music.

This exceptional band, a crowd-rocking mix of electronic and ethnic sounds, has never been to Finland before. Started over ten years ago by Ben Watkins, Juno Reactor has already released six albums. Watkins has also worked on the soundtrack of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. Juno Reactor's latest album "Labyrinth" showcases the bands unique sound as powerful as ever. The album is now released in Europe.

In 2005, Juno Reactor consists of 7 people on stage, including South African percussion act Amampondo ( Nelsons Mandelas favourite Band) and with conga player Mabi Thobejane.