13.8.2005 Ambrosia & Solstice - Sunrise (Unlive -live-) @ Premi

From: Jonne Backhaus (sts_at_clubsolstice.org)
Date: Sat 23 Jul 2005 - 17:01:46 EEST

Ambrosia & Solstice - Sunrise
-Unofficial friday afterparty-

Continue where you left off at the clubs, and join us in embracing the rising sun with a carefully selected mix of artists.

2 Stages & Lounge, 2 Live sets, 8 DJs

Ambrosia & Solstice stage:

D.N.A (liQuid, Kicks you too)
Unlive [LIVE]
Luminescent [LIVE]
Zwek (Ambrosia)

Forest sound system stage:

Ana & Nuance (Saturdaybeats) [3h D&B Mayhem] Wert (Ambrosia) [Techno-set]
Puistokemsti (Equinox, Solstice) [Psytrance-set]

Chill & House-lounge:

Fine (Solstice, The Players Club)
Kylian (Ambrosia)


05-13, 7e, K18
Premi, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 b,
Decorations: Solstice, Ambrosia & Kelmiolio

-embrace the rising sun-