JOSE PADILLA :: 10.07.2005 :: Helsinki

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Date: Tue 14 Jun 2005 - 10:28:16 EEST

Club Unity & Misc Management proudly present:

J O S É P A D I L L A - Café Del Mar / Bella Musica – Ibiza

Fame and worldwide recognition precede José Padilla. Living in Ibiza since 1975 and DJing for more than two decades, he is considered the original Ibiza DJ. Having created the Café del Mar series, which has sold over 9 million copies worldwide, José can be deservedly considered as chill out’s spiritual father. His DJ sets are a truly unique selection of music, ranging from beautiful downtempo grooves to electronic and tribal house.

He has gone from a poor barrio in Northern Spain, to a jet-set DJ lifestyle; guesting in London, Paris, Milan, Monte-Carlo, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Miami, Moscow, Australia… and serving as an ambassador for the island. He has headlined world's largest festivals like Rock in Rio and Big Chill and been nominated a Latin Grammy.

At Café del Mar, Jose DJed not to people sprawled out watching the view, but to the sunset. “That came naturally, You’ve got this big mother-fucking thing in front of you: King Ra. I paced my set around sunset time. It was great to experience different Music and play around the colours. If it was grey, I’d play one way, if it was very bright, I’d play happy. I’d play with the mood.” Those sunsets have become legendary – an essential part of the Ibiza experience, climaxing in warm applause as the sun finally disappearing beneath the waves.

“It has to have something that I really feel, something emotional, a message in it,” says José. “When you see a painting, if it’s a good painting, it sends you a message. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. My music is the same.”

La Terraza 16-22
José Padilla (Sunset chill-out set 19:00-22:00) Orkidea (Unity)

El Club 22-04
José Padilla (eclectic club set 00:30-03:30) Lil’ Tony (Rose Garden)

Sunday 10.07.2005
Ravintola Kaivohuone, Puistotie 1, Helsinki Tickets 15 Euros - exclusively from Street Beat - available soon Age limit 20


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