Backlash2 // TILT live (UK) // 3.6.2005 // La Tour, Hki

From: Backlash Promotions (
Date: Fri 06 May 2005 - 19:00:51 EEST

(Explicit content - not ment for people under 20.)

Hello there,

We are proud to present you the second edition of Backlash event series.

Starring ::

TILT live (Hooj Choons, Perfecto, Lost.language - UK) aka.
Mick Park of Parks&Wilson
Andy Moor of Leama&Moor

Also starring ::

PHAZE (Backlash)

Directed by ::
Backlash Promotions 2005

Visual director ::
Matti Jykylä / Sun Effects

Story ::

Tilt - the band - will perform their first live gig in Finland. With their vast experience it normally goes with routine, but this time it extends their own atmosphere and feeling up to the max, and people will notice it. Everybody cheers, wants more and more. At the end, it feels that it was way too quick, and people insists more. Eventually everything goes by the book and every paid customer gets their satisfaction. Yada yada, etc, etc, etc.

Availability ::

3rd of June 2005 (Friday) in La Tour, Helsinki. Starting from 22.00 hours and ending at 04.00.

Merchandise ::

K20 !
Tickets in advance 13 eur + bf.
Tickets are available at the usual outlets, Streetbeat (Mikonkatu 8, Helsinki) Tiketti (Web orders)

VIP list ::

Information & questions ::


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