RUSH - The Meltdown, Sat 9.4.05 @ Gloria

Date: Thu 07 Apr 2005 - 17:41:43 EEST

>>>> RUSH - THE MELTDOWN <<<<<

::::::::::LINE UP
Charlotte Birch (Sundissential, UK)
Sebastian (Rush, Teflon Bullet, Nousu)
Pain On Creation live (Teflon Bullet, Finrg Hard, Camel, Electronic) E-NRG (Finrg)

VJ Move (Rush)
Chix On Dix (Rush)
Decorations Saco, Dust Decorations
Double laser attack
Event photography by Jone/Sessions2

Venue: Glori, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki, Finland Date: Sat 09.04.05
Time: 22.00 - 04.00
Age: 18
Dress code: Sexed up to melt down

Advance tickets 12 e (+bf) available from Nousu (Iso Robertinkatu 36), Street Beat & Tiketti
>From door 15 e

Members: Advance tickets 12 e (no bf, Nousu only), from door 12 e

::::::::::RUSH VOL2 & RUSH MERCHANDISE available @ RUSH

Rush Vol2 – Pure Energy mixed by Sebastian & RUSH t-shirts & hooded sweaters available from Nousu & Rush events

Charlotte Birch burst onto the scene back in 1996 with a residency at Miss Moneypenny’s and Decadence, at first she favoured the funky flavours but was soon converted over to the harder side of dance and by 1999 she had secured her third residency at the legendary super-club Sundissential. The only way was up from that point on and Charlotte has continued to repeat her success time and time again. Other residencies she has held are Slinky, Frisky, Roar, Planet Potato and Dropzone, all leading nights in the industry. Alongside these she is a regular guest at the most popular nightspots up and down the UK; Polysexual, Frantic, Tidy, Lashed, Virus, Hotdog and many more.

Not content with her home shores Charlotte has propelled herself to international waters and toured the likes of Australia, New Zealand, America and Holland. The USA has been graced with her exciting talent seven times throughout her career, touring through major cities such as Los Angeles, San Fransico and even Hollywood!

Nearer to home Charlotte has been dominating the Dutch masses, playing for the hugely successful HQ party 4elements with a capacity crowd of 8000, can’t top that? We think she can, with the gigantic Street Parade in Rotterdam playing to an awesome 40,000 people! Over the summer months you can expect to see Charlotte
Birch in Ibiza, Falaraki, Benidorm and Kavos inconjunction with HQ, Sundissential, Decadence and Limelight, to name just a few.

Charlotte, adding even more strings to her bow, has been producing dance floor sizzlers building up a discography many DJ’s could only wish for. Top selling records on many labels; one being “Rompastompa” on Tidy, which reached No7 in the UK’s national dance charts. Several successful releases on Sundissential, Bulletproof and her own hugely popular label “Dropzone Recordings”. Releases from her label have received national air play on Radio 1, Tidy’s radio show and been licensed to the Lashed, Goodgreef, Euphoria, & Hard Dance republic albums to name a few.