JACK @ RoseGarden 11.03.2005

From: orkidea (orkidea_at_appelsiini.net)
Date: Wed 09 Mar 2005 - 01:39:28 EET

  "In the beginning there was Jack. And Jack had a groove.   And from this groove came the groove of all grooves.   And while one day viciously throwing down on his box,   Jack boldly declared: "LET THERE BE HOUSE!"   And house music was born..."

  J A C K - T h e S o u n d o f B e r l i n

  Friday 11th of March 2005

  Main room:
  ORKIDEA (Unity - Jack Resident)
  GENKI (Break That House)
  MILLA LEHTO (Screen)
  OLLIS (YleX)

  Tea & Severi (Unity)

  JACK - Friday 11.03.2005 22:00-04:00 - at RoseGarden, Helsinki, Finland   Age limit: 20 years - Tickets 6Eur - Every second Friday of the month...