X-Rust presents: MULTIPLIED II 4.2.2005 @Klubi, Tku

From: Kalle Karvanen (kalle.karvanen_at_auriamail.net)
Date: Wed 02 Feb 2005 - 03:21:22 EET

X-Rust presents: MULTIPLIED II

Place: Klubi (Humalistonkatu 8 A, Turku) Date: 04.02.2005
Time: 21-03
Tickets: 3e before 23/5e after (cloakroom not included)


X-RUST COLLECTIVE *Live/DJ Hybrid* (X-Rust, Tku) - Burdock & Lojek & Osmand & 909 & Rane Serato Scratch & Misc Gear etc etc. SYMPTOM *Live* (Symptom Records, Hki)
ESPOO RUMPSHAKER (Kamppi Gambino Barbers, Hki) CRASH (Vaasa)


21:00-23:00 Crash
23:00-00:30 X-Rust Collective
00:30-01:30 Symptom
01:30-02:30 Espoo Rumpshaker


SYMPTOM *Live* (Symptom Records, Hki)

When frustration to the state of current affairs thickens, rebels strike and act to push the envelope further.

Three shady characters, operating in the quiet Finnish underworld, grew tired of the torpid music being released by so many. This induced a need for something better, and so in 2002, Symptom Records took shape and form to convey the message from the cold heart of the machinery: intelligent, quirky and electronic yet made to move the dancefloor.

This is what Symptom, conposed of the same three figures, is all about, but with fat obscene twists written all over their live set. For what you won't be able to expect is what will be delivered. These are the weapons of mass dancestruction.

Check out the rest: www.symptomrecords.com

ESPOO RUMPSHAKER (Kamppi Gambino Barbers, Hki)

Rumpshaker started deejaying in the 90ies, and since then he has played in various places in Finland and Germany mostly. Although he ain't good at tooting his own horn, it's worth to mention that last year he played e.g. at Wilhelmshaven with DJ Pierre (the acid trax dude) and DJ Tanith, did a bad taste set in Dr.Walkers Camouflage Club in Cologne and battled some Scottish DJs in Tresor in February. Oh and he also invented the piano.

X-RUST COLLECTIVE *Live/DJ Hybrid* (X-Rust, Tku)

Burdock, Lojek and Osmand merge the best practices of techno into a hybrid set by means of analog and digital technology.

Will it work? Will these three egos fit behind one table?

CRASH (Vaasa)

Ville is an upcoming talent as a DJ in the Finnish techno scene. It was years back, when he began to organize parties with friends and search for own style. Known for dark and techy sounds with a pinch of puristic flavour, expect him to burst the dancefloor into flames (not forgetting the black t-shirted headnodders).

Flyer & discussion: http://www.platinum.ac/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=17740