Domination, part 2 - The Church Of Hard NRG Brotherhood

From: NRG Dominator (
Date: Thu 25 Nov 2004 - 14:51:59 EET

Proteus & Sebastian proudly presents

Saturday, 27.11.04 @ Aktia Sali

DOMINATION - The Church Of Hard NRG Brotherhood

:::::::::::::LINE UP

*TING* with domestic punishers

PROTEUS (Säde, Logic) featuring RELIC – dj set with live instruments SEBASTIAN (Rush, Nousu)
CIRCLE (Dragon) vs VINCENT VEGA (Dragon)

:::::::::::::PERFORMANCE STAGE & SIDESHOWS Sodomya Divina Sadistica – Dominatrix show Sirkus tapaturma – Fakir stunts
Chix On Dix – Fetish Babe show

Dungeon & Playroom hosted by Chix On Dix

:::::::::::::VISUALS Decorations: Saco, Dust Decorations
Double laser attack

:::::::::::::INFO Tickets: Advance tickets 12 e (+bf) available from Street Beat, Tiketti & Nousu
>From door 15 e

Venue: Aktia Sali, Yrjönkatu 31 (Forum), Helsinki Age: 18

No dresscode – no limits! Just play with your imagination!

ALLEN TG (Torture Garden, UK)

One of the true founders of the legendary Torture Garden club - the world`s largest, most cutting edge fetish & body art club.

*TING* (Torture Garden, Nu Energy Collective, UK) The queen of the underground, or the High Priestess of 'aving it Large as she calls herself likes it hard and fast. Her style of djiing is to combine as much of a show with her music as possible, bringing love and life to the DJ booth, and consiquently to the crowd out

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