Hinterlandt (Abflug, GER) in Helsinki this weekend

From: Abflug (info_at_abflugrec.com)
Date: Thu 25 Nov 2004 - 11:52:19 EET

Saturday, November 27, 2004 @ Kipsari, Hämeentie 135 E, Helsinki ABFLUG SPECIAL FEAT. HINTERLANDT HINTERLANDT (Abflug, Grain of Sound, Cue / Cologne, Germany / live) Hinterlandt is a popular music outfit with a strong experimental edge. This is Jochen Gutsch's first ever performance in Finland, and it also celebrates the release of his new album, New Belief System, on Aliasfrequencies.

SILMU (URA Rec., Pacific-Atlantic / Helsinki / live) www.silmu.org

VERHAVERBEKE KRZYZOSIAK (Abflug / Helsinki / live)

KARRI O. (Abflug / Helsinki / live+DJ)

21-02, only 4 EUR. Welcome all!
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