404 @ Memphis Erottaja, 11/9/2004 - Jerome Pacman (FRA), Richard Reykjavik (404)

From: Olli (olli_at_404.fi)
Date: Fri 03 Sep 2004 - 15:59:22 EEST

404 (www.club404.info) PRESÉNTE:

Jerome Pacman
Rex Club/Freak'n'Chic/Crack&Speed/Families, Paris www.jeromepacman.com

Jerome Pacman creates an intimate affair of deep, minimal house and percussive tech-funk. If you want to hear something that speaks about love for music, then look no further than this. Jérôme Pacman discovered House Music in Ibiza during summer 87, the year of its 17 .(At that time, he was connected Hip hop and Electro-funk). Convinced by the energy and the spiritual state of this music, he starts dj for after-hours in Paris in 1990. In the early nineties, Jerome became a french dance legend by playing the biggest French events, including the seminal “Libération” rave alongside Laurent Garnier and LFO and the legendary “Cosmos Factory” parties. At that time, Jerome Pacman was one of the few to have a radio residency on historical parisian radio FG.

Jérôme Pacman’s sound is based on house rhythms, on which is played funky, electro, dynamics and suggestive sounds, forming a coloured universe where the words “atmospheres” and “emotions” means something. This approach gives him the latitude to go from minimal house tracks (Closer music, Q-burns, Curvy Traction) and bring smoothly the audience to more percussive and funky beats (Brett Johnson, Swag, Dan Ghenacia & David Duriez).

Currently, Jérôme is working on studio projects, creating some tasty hypnohousetekelectrofunk&freaky tracks! He plays mostly all over Europe and has a show on parisian radio Nova.

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Richard Reykjavik
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