Memphis Erottaja - Klubit viikolla 36

From: Olli (
Date: Mon 30 Aug 2004 - 13:49:59 EEST

THIS WEEK, AT MEMPHIS EROTTAJA (30/8 - 5/9). Perjantaina 4.9. 22-04
dj:t K2 & Presto
Syksyn alku valtaa Fiestan, luvassa kuumaa tunnelmaa

Lauantaina 5.9. 23-04
dj:t Rhythm Doctor (EST/UK)
Vanhat klassikot sulavasti tuoreessa tanssimusiikissa tarjoiltuna

Taas on aika kilkuttaa kelloa r'n'b:n kautta houseen. Viikon ulkomainen vieras, The Rhythm Doctor eli Chris Long, tunnetaan etelänaapurissa parhaimmin yhtenä Bon Bon -klubin keulahahmona. Chrisin värikäs tausta on lähtöisin elämänasenteesta, ja mies puhuu kokemuksistaan tunteikkaasti, lainasimme kappaleen tuota kertomusta..

Memphis Erottaja, Erottajankatu 4
Avoinna 12-04, klubit 22-04

The Rhythm Doctor / Artists (R).

The Rhythm Doctor has been a DJ for over twenty five years, spinning a wide selection of music from house to Latin and disco to jazz, the mid 90s saw the Rhythm Doctor spreading his vibes far and wide across the globe. A top 10 Bill Board hit Enjoy life on 8 Ball Records took him to New York and virtually every major city in Europe. An offer of work in Estonia in 1995 was to have a major effect on his life. After being blown away by an amazing warehouse party in Tallinn, he was offered a monthly venue and proceeded in bringing over many top artists to perform including Robert Owens, A Man Called Adam and Basement Jaxx.

In Tallinn he met the love of his life, married and in 1997 together with Raul Saaremets , established Estonia's first monthly independent party. Guests have included DJ Pierre, Joe Caissel, Gilles Peterson, Ashley Beadle and Cassio ware. Today he has his own club, restaurant and bar in Tallinn called BonBon.

Born & raised in brum. misspent youth: on the teracces at villa park, saving up for tighten up vol 2 & later caravan 'if i could do it all...', arguing with mom over flares & black people, as pre teen 'selector' for youth club discos, strutting in sta-prest - transforming to soft rocker in cheesecloth, listening to erskine t on brmb & robbie vincent on radio 1. young man:, rebelling at art school, dancing feverishly to the inspirational mike horseman at shoop shoop, a swinging 2 tone cat, selling vinyl, djing & running clubs, cohort of bazz fe jazz on the all dayer scene. pushing 30: many nights spent underground at the 3A's shelton st, the dungeons lea bridge rd. fitness centre, thrale st. & 'feel real' at the gardening club, pirate on fantasy fm. groove records vinyl flogger pushing 40: jet setting dj, ending up in estonia where i am now looking out over a beautiful sunny spring day in tallinn...dreaming of villa park, pushing 50..