Memphis Erottaja - Klubit viikolla 35

From: Olli (
Date: Tue 24 Aug 2004 - 21:00:28 EEST

FRESH, THIS WEEK, AT MEMPHIS EROTTAJA (23/8 - 29/8). Perjantaina 27.8. 22-04 (ilmainen sisäänpääsy) dj:t Def Kut, Crisis (USA)
Esimakua syksyn uudesta R'N'B klubikonseptista, Helsinki FONKY esittäytyy.

Lauantaina 28.8. 23-04 (5 euroa)
dj:t Nigel, Slater Hogan (USA)
Tuoretta ja jännittävää tanssimusiikkia & housea

Tänä viikonloppuna iskee kylään taas jenkkiaalto. Perjantaina Pohjois-Carolinan toivo, routing via Atlanta Soul-massive, DJ Crisis, joka vääntää taidokkaasti kuin tiskijukka konsanaan soul henkistä r'n'b ilmapiiriä -

Lauantaina vieraana DJ Slater Hogan (USA), jota edustaa mm. Flygaric, LowDown & Aroma, ja on siis pääpiirteissään kova jätkä kun puhutaan 4/4 tanssimusasta.

DJ Crisis / Artists (C).

Chrisis began the journey of being a DJ at age 14, soaking up the east coast influence like a sponge. Two years later he packed up his equipment and moved to Athens, Georgia where success awaited. After performing with bands, rocking parties and perfecting his style, it was time to make history. The combination of clean mixing and precise scratching stood out, and eventually would have Chrisis in clubs all over the world. He established and promoted a weekly hip hop night that became popular and ended up being the longest running weekly night the city has ever seen. This helped gain the recognition needed to excel. Chrisis used these connections to infiltrate the Atlanta scene, and network within the industry. Now 11 years in the game, the list of accomplishments seems never ending. DJ Chrisis has opened for artists such as Outkast, Erykah Badu, Goodie Mob, Biz Markie, Ming & FS, Aesop Rock, Heiroglyphics, Bubba Sparxxx, Mr. Cheeks, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson to name a few.

Chrisis has played records on many radio stations in Georgia and has a weekly radio show on Hot 100.3 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His series of mix CDs can be found all over the country. Not only are the mixes in demand, original beats as well. Music production has gained appreciation in the music and multimedia community with tracks featured on major networks as ABC, TNT, and ESPN. As a feature writer for DJ Times Magazine with seven published articles, Chrisis provides his turntable knowledge for millions of readers. Currently, DJ Chrisis works 7 days a week rocking the 1’s and 2’s for thousands of party goers as the resident DJ in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s number one nightclub, The Freaky Tiki.

Slater Hogan / Artists (S).

Slater's unique and adventurous sound blends all types of tribal, ethnic, and soulful sounds creating the funky "story" for which he is known. His Influences include Mark Farina & Cyberjive. "Spinning for me is about expressing myself in music. Connecting with the kids and showing them a good time. Being able to spin with DJ's like Paul Johnson, Mark Farina, and Derrick Carter and having kids come up to me afterwards telling me how much they enjoyed my set. It's great!" Slater Hogan and his funky, disco house style has not only been showcased at some of America's most successful raves, but Slater has also etched out a place for himself as a fierce promoter.

He has brought together top DJ's from all over the U.S. including Julius Papp, DJ Skip, and Juan Atkins. Slater also has had a tremendous influence on the underground scene that exists in Indianapolis today. To date, Slater is working on the "New Orleans House Project" featuring Kynt (RMX) with remixes by DJ Skip, released on Rising Sun Records in early November. In December Slater will be the featured remixer on the first EP with Revolution 9, an electronic band receiving both local and national attention.

Memphis Erottaja, Erottajankatu 4, Helsinki PE 11-04 LA 12-04, KLUBIT 22-04, K20.