DRAGON meets RUSH - The Awakening - feat. Kevin Energy (NuEnergy, UK) - Fri 16.7.04

From: info_at_clubrush.org
Date: Fri 09 Jul 2004 - 10:10:48 EEST

DRAGON meets RUSH - The Awakening

Fri, 16.07.04 @ Senssi, Tampere

::::::::::LINE UP
Arena 1:

Kevin Energy (Nu Energy, Dynamix, Synthetix, Relentless, Logic, UK) Sebastian (Rush, Mosso) starring Kris Kylven (Atomic Reactor) live on eletronic drums
Carbon Based live (FINRG, Rush)
Circle vs Vincent Vega (Dragon)

Arena 2:

Jamestalbot (Tranzexperience)
Poliisi (Com.pact records)
Kenjido Okiru (R-Syke)

VJ Move (Rush)
Chix On Dix (Rush) erotic show in association with Dreamworld Decorations Saco, Dust Decorations
Double laser attack

Venue: Senssi, Tampere
Capacity: 1200
Date: Fri 16.7.04
Time: 22.00 - 04.00
Age: 18

Advance tickets 7 e
Presale: Epe`s

Tiket to the event & bus transportation Turku - Tampere - Turku 25 e

Booking & information jonne.berg_at_pp.inet.fi / tel: 045-6310009

HELSINKI - TAMPERE - HELSINKI Tiket to the event & bus transportation 27 e

Booking & information sebastian_at_clubrush.org / 044-2611 560

::::::::::KEVIN ENERGY (Nu Energy, Dynamix, Synthetix, Relentless, UK)

As a DJ, Kevin has managed to earn himself a HUGE reputation as being a complete crowd favorite on a world wide scale - his last appearance @ Rush turned the venue into a madhouse and the night has been voted as the best Rush ever. Kevinīs residencies at Pendragon, Atomic Energy,and Logic have left the crowds in ore of his unique sets. Kevin regulary plays last set for such events where he crosses his Hard Trance production into the current Freeform / Hardcore Frenzie. His unique BPM building style and mixing skills have engraved a signature ending for such events. In the Hardcore Scene, Kevin almost always receives set of the night status with his performances on the main floor at Slamming Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, United Dance, Raindance, and all of the guest spots that he plays on weekly basis. As well as an Independent DJ, Kevin regulary plays special back to back sets with partner in crime Sharkey. These crazy performances always cause total destruction and mayhem!

On a worldwide scale, Kevin has toured the sound of his labels to Japan, Canada, America, Norway, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark. In Particular, Kevin has made an imprint in Australia where he headlined the 2003 Enchanted Festival in Adelaide and the Utopia Easter party in Sydney.

Kevin owns and runs such successful lables as Nu Energy, Synthetix records, Relentless Vinyl and Dynamix records. The artists and labels involved are producing some of the most played out and requested tracks around in the hard trance and hardcore scene, renowned for fresh ideas and pioneering new sounds Kevin Energy is the peoples DJ. Whether it be a Hard Trance or Hardcore set, Kevin knows how to really obliterate a dance floor. World wide Kevin has left behind a slice of his power and energy that leaves crowds eagerly awaiting his return. Kevin was voted īBest Hard Dance Producer 2003ī (http://www.undergroundmusicawards.com) and īBest Hard Dance DJ 2003`(http://www.clubinginlondon.net).