21.5.2004 B-eat-z, Juho Kahilainen Live & DJ Peter.

From: Jari Tolkkinen (jtolkkin_at_mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Fri 21 May 2004 - 09:33:03 EEST

B-eat-z season end, pe 21.05.2004   

:: Juho Kahilainen Live feat. DJ Apostoli 
:: DJ Peter (Pietari - Helsinki) 
:: DJ Ken-Guru 

Yet another eventfull b-eat-z season is about to come to an end with a quality live set by Mr Juho Kahilainen. He's been producing music and organized parties for well over 10 years and now, for the very first time, in Oulu. Last year he had a succssfull gig in Koneisto festival. DJ Peter is also a new face to the Oulu underground but he'a a familiar face in both St Petersburg, Russia and in Helsinki.

Warm up sounds will be delivered by our resident DJ Ken-Guru.

B-eat-z season end, fri 21.05.2004

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