Unity The Island 2004

From: orkidea (orkidea_at_appelsiini.net)
Date: Mon 17 May 2004 - 13:41:04 EEST

  :: Saturdays 12.06 – 10.07 – 07.08.2004 ::   :: Uunisaari, Helsinki, Finland ::

>>Summer is here!

  Once again we will celebrate joys of summer in the beautiful   surroundings of Uunisaari. This year the evening will start with   a beach party from 18:00 till 22:00 and end when the sun rises   at 04:00.

>>Beach party:

  During the summer you’ll be warmed up for the night by DJs   Lil’ Tony, Mr.A, Tomi K, Bunuel, Indigo, Halo, Dallas Superstars/   JS16 and DJ Slow on the beach. There will also be plenty of playful   games to keep up the sporty spirit at Unity!


  The night will be spent with your humble resident entertainers   Orkidea and Slusnik Luna in the main room and Unity Collective   and various surprise guests in the bar area.


  You can rent a sauna for you and your friends from 12:00 until   24:00. Please contact Uunisaari (p. 09-636 870) for details and   prices. There are two saunas for groups of 10 - 20 people.


  Every evening from 20:00 till 22:00 there will be free buffet   served for everyone at Uunisaari restaurant.


  Tickets cost 12€, including the boat trip and food. Presale tickets   from Street Beat (starting Monday 24th of May) for people over 22   years. If the weather is good there will be more tickets available   from 18--> on the event day.

>>More info:




>>This will be a summer to remember...


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