Memphis Erottaja 30/4 1/5

From: Olli (
Date: Wed 28 Apr 2004 - 15:42:06 EEST

Se on taas tapahtumarikas viikonloppu kaikkien lempparilaivassa Memphiksessä!

Mitä siel on sit meininki ?

Mash-up music eli kaikkee hötöö (Memphis Erottaja)

Sell your stocks! Rent your house! Get rid of your old wife! Borrow more money - and bring everything to us, 'cos it's time to drink and play some funky myoosique!

Lined up for the night will be Matt Lisle, that bloke from the rainy island we all know as England - and as his sidekick, Niko Peltoranta, sometimes also known as Nigel, cos he plays at those Blush events in that ghetto called Järvenpää. Soooo.... they might not exactly be the MAW or Carl Cox but they'll both play a mean round of house that's sure to make your panties drop!

Kurkiklubi-live! with Mr.C, Juho Kusti & Hanski on the dex åll nite lång! (Bulevardi 2)

Kinyobi (Kurkiklubi)

404 (Memphis Erottaja)

Holy cow! It's Matt Lisle again! He's a co-promoter and resident DJ for Perverted Science events - and for four long years he played host to Hoxton’ s 333 and in that time played regularly alongside such names as Peter Kruder, Gilles Peterson, The Scratch Perverts, Rainer Truby, DJ Assault, Portishead, DJ Craze and Norman Jay(to name but a few). Matt is a DJ full time and spends most available weeknights in his studio working on remixing and producing a mixture of afro/jazz house music and album based song material.

And because we wouldn't want Matt to be alone - again a sign that we care! - we hooked up with Olli Sovijärvi, the bloke who you might better re-cog-nize as OlliS. He's our sole purveyor of tough but danceable beats, only he's one sted ahead of everyone else! Even Carl Cox! Can you believe it?!?!

We leave the decision up to you. Whatever you do, come here! It's vital!

The clubs are open / Klubit ovat avoinna / Jetz im kiosk / På andra våning finns vredesmod: 22-04

The age limit / Ikäraja / Die büre / Den mörk hjärnskålen : 20